Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Do you shy away from decluttering because you are afraid that you will need/want the decluttered item after it is gone?  That does happen, but less often than you think.  I got rid of our Harry Potter books years ago when I decided we didn't need to keep books that we could get at the library.  Well, now I have kids that want to read the Harry Potter books and I don't have easy access to them.  Is this the end of the world?  No, but it IS a pain in the behind when the library copy is already signed out!  Part of me regrets giving the books away and is thinking about buying them again, but the other part of me is saying be happy with less books and enjoy the access to many libraries that have wonderful books!  The kids can get hooked on a different book or series while they wait for an available copy of the 4th Harry Potter book.  We'll see which part of me wins.  :-)

I got rid of earrings today that didn't have a match.  I don't think I am going to regret that.

Happy Decluttering!  

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