Wednesday, January 02, 2013


We received 2 sets of these Scholastic books before Christmas. They are 2nd grade level books.
The Sneaky Snow Fox
The Jacket I wear in the snow

We only need 1 set. So, I am giving this set away for free to someone who wants it & who will use it! Leave a comment with your email address & the usefulness of these books to you and I will enter you in a random drawing to receive them.

 Declutter with me! I would love to see what you are decluttering today. Leave a link back to your blog, showing the item you are getting rid of today and I will enter your name into the drawing twice! Just let me know in your comment which link is yours.

Do you have a duplicate of something that you don't need? Declutter it today!

Happy Decluttering!


Rheanna said...

I'd love these, but I'm guessing it'd cost a fortune to ship to Utah :o)

Maine Mom said...

I will ship them to you if you want them. Let me know your email. :-)

Rheanna said...